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Scotch at Scotts V4.0 1Scotch at Scotts V4.0 2Scotch at Scotts V4.0 3Scotch at Scotts V4.0 4Scotch at Scotts V4.0 5Scotch at Scotts V4.0 6
Scotch at Scotts V4.0 7Scotch at Scotts V4.0 8

Scott’s, a set on Flickr.

Zoo June 26th

Zoo June 29Zoo June 30Zoo June 31Zoo June 01Zoo June 02Zoo June 03
Zoo June 04Zoo June 05Zoo June 06Zoo June 07Zoo June 08Zoo June 09
Zoo June 10Zoo June 11Zoo June 12Zoo June 13Zoo June 14Zoo June 15
Zoo June 16Zoo June 17Zoo June 18Zoo June 19Zoo June 20Zoo June 21

Zoo June 26th, a set on Flickr.


Meaghan Smith 16Meaghan Smith 17Meaghan Smith 18Meaghan Smith 19Meaghan Smith 20Meaghan Smith 21
Meaghan Smith 22Meaghan Smith 23Meaghan Smith 24Meaghan Smith 25Meaghan Smith 26Meaghan Smith 27
Meaghan Smith 28Meaghan Smith 29Meaghan Smith 30Meaghan Smith 31Meaghan Smith 01Meaghan Smith 02
Meaghan Smith 03Meaghan Smith 04Meaghan Smith 05Meaghan Smith 06Meaghan Smith 07Meaghan Smith 08

Illuminaqua, a set on Flickr.


Chris's 30th 12Chris's 30th 1Chris's 30th 2Chris's 30th 3Chris's 30th 4Chris's 30th 5
Chris's 30th 6Chris's 30th 7Chris's 30th 8Chris's 30th 9Chris's 30th 10Chris's 30th 11
DaveJeff's 01Jeff's 02Jeff's 03Jeff's 04Jeff's 05
Jeff's 06Jeff's 07Jeff's 08CinnamonClaire 1Claire 2

Friends, a set on Flickr.

California 2012 Shortlist

Cali Trip 341Cali Trip 333Cali Trip 327Cali Trip 324Cali Trip 317Cali Trip 312
Cali Trip 310Cali Trip 308Cali Trip 305Cali Trip 303Cali Trip 302Cali Trip 300
Cali Trip 298Cali Trip 297Cali Trip 296Cali Trip 293Cali Trip 292Cali Trip 285
Cali Trip 282Cali Trip 278Cali Trip 274Cali Trip 271Cali Trip 264Cali Trip 263

California 2012 Shortlist, a set on Flickr.

California April 2012

DSC03098Cali Trip 001Cali Trip 002Cali Trip 003Cali Trip 004Cali Trip 005
Cali Trip 006Cali Trip 007Cali Trip 008Cali Trip 009Cali Trip 010Cali Trip 011
Cali Trip 012Cali Trip 013Cali Trip 014Cali Trip 015Cali Trip 016Cali Trip 017
Cali Trip 018Cali Trip 019Cali Trip 020Cali Trip 021Cali Trip 022Cali Trip 023

California April 2012, a set on Flickr.


Zoo 02Zoo 05Zoo 08Zoo 09Zoo 11Zoo 12
Zoo 13Zoo 16Zoo 22Zoo 23140312 01140312 02
140312 03140312 04140312 05140312 06140312 07140312 08
140312 09140312 10140312 11140312 12140312 13140312 14

Zoo, a set on Flickr.

Dora Keogh

Dora Keogh 01Dora Keogh 02Dora Keogh 03Dora Keogh 04Dora Keogh 05Dora Keogh 06
Dora Keogh 07Dora Keogh 08Dora Keogh 09Dora Keogh 10Dora Keogh 11Dora Keogh 12
Dora Keogh 13Dora Keogh 14Dora Keogh 15Dora Keogh 16Dora Keogh 17Dora Keogh 18
Dora Keogh 19Dora Keogh 20Dora Keogh 21Dora Keogh 22Dora Keogh 23Dora Keogh 24

Dora Keogh, a set on Flickr.

February Walk

Feb 10th Walk19Feb 10th Walk01Feb 10th Walk02Feb 10th Walk03Feb 10th Walk04Feb 10th Walk05
Feb 10th Walk06Feb 10th Walk07Feb 10th Walk08Feb 10th Walk09Feb 10th Walk10Feb 10th Walk12
Feb 10th Walk13Feb 10th Walk14Feb 10th Walk15Feb 10th Walk16Feb 10th Walk17Feb 10th Walk18

February Walk, a set on Flickr.

The Argues

The Argues1The Argues2The Argues3The Argues4The Argues5The Argues7
The Argues8The Argues6

The Argues, a set on Flickr.